John Grossman

John Grossman

Precious little is known about John Grossman, or why then-District Attorney James Vargason identified him as the prime suspect in the Monson murder after Thomas Bianco’s conviction was thrown out.

We do know he’s refused to answer a single question about the Monson case. Vargason has said he interviewed Grossman, who he said was a large, imposing man with an air of evil about him, but that Grossman ended the interview when Vargason asked about Monson. Since then, Grossman has ignored or refused requests from the media to respond to Vargason’s assertions.

District Attorney Jon Budelmann, who served as Vargason’s chief assistant, says he will not comment on who is a suspect in the case.

We also know Grossman has had a violent past. At the time of Julie Monson’s murder, Grossman had recently been released from prison, where he’d served a term for first-degree assault. And within three years of Monson’s death, he was returned to prison — this time for violently raping a 16-year-old girl. Paroled in 2010, Grossman is listed as a level III sex offender, considered the highest risk to strike again.

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